Times have changed. The price of everything has gone up. Sure, I get frustrated about it. I don't get angry about it because I cannot control this scenario. I can only control one thing in life and that's me.

That doesn't mean that I won't live my life. I won't deprive my family and kids of doing fun stuff. I will use common sense and try to create memories for me and my family while sticking to a budget.

Michigan is home to the Great Lakes. I love the state of Michigan for that reason. I also like the fact that there is so much to do beyond the Great Lakes. For instance, we have professional sports in Detroit with the NBA, WNBA, NHL, MLB and NFL. Hop in the car and go catch a game.

If you're more of a thrill seeker, Michigan has plenty of options for you too. Adventure and theme parks are located throughout the state. Roller coasters, thrill rides and water parks are easy to find and to get to. When I was young, I went to Michigan Adventure a couple of times, and it was always fun. There's something special about being only a couple of miles from Lake Michigan. Have fun at the theme park all day then grab a pizza with the family and watch the sunset on Lake Michigan.

I can always tweak my stay to maximize the most out of a day trip. Here are the ten best water & amusement parks according to Trip Advisor.

10 Best Water & Amusement Parks In Michigan

1. Silver Beach Carousel -  St. Joseph, MI

parkervj said this:

There is such a huge variety of animals - bear, otter, zebra, flamingo, unicorn, peacock, giraffe, and horses - but with REAL tails! They were all painted to perfection to deliver a most beautiful ride.

2. Neli's Dutch Village - Holland, MI

LoveMyFamily6 liked it:

You can tell a lot of love and pride went into this attraction. It is well designed, clean and interesting. The only thing I didn't really enjoy was the dancers - kind of corny and not very good. Liked the rest of it including the huge shops with lots of interesting Dutch items for sale.

3. Michigan's Adventure - Muskegon, MI

Kay W enjoyed herself:

Had a great time with our family that includes teens & an 8 &6 year old. Plenty for all to do. Longest line wait was 15 minutes. 90% of rides were running. Staff was friendly and helpful. Food and drink stands 75% open with short lines but high prices. No more than other parks tho. Admission price lower than most parks…especially since it includes water park. Plenty of lifeguards at all water attractions. Def pay extra for cabana! The shade and “getaway” it provided was so worth it, plus it was a great central meeting spot. Staff allows you in to set up your things in cabana an hour before water park opens. Only thing needed is more bathrooms…they are few and far between. We really enjoyed ourselves and will be back again!

4. Avalanche Bay Indoor Waterpark - Boyne Falls, MI

Street Spitzley will be back:

I had such a blast here during my vacation here in Michigan. I found this place as my own paradise and I definitely hope to come back soon! I was here yesterday and Friday and I enjoyed the water park so much. I loved everything I did; especially the big drop. I even enjoyed the big splash as well as my own hot tub party. I totally recommend this place to anyone who comes to boyne mountain, Michigan. This place is awesome, and to me it felt like a dream that cannot be crushed!

5. Soaring Eagle Waterpark - Mount Pleasant, MI

Michael B. says they were accomodating:

We have been to a few water parks and they are all cold, with the wether changing outside you dont want to get in cold water, and it was very clean no smell of mildew and the staff was very helpfull. i put down the wrong arivle date on expeda and sorring eagle fixed it for me. it was my grandsons 7th birthday i didnt want to disappoint his.
Great place!

6. Warren Community Centre Indoor Waterpark - Warren, MI

Keesha likes the safety:

My grandchildren love this place. Fun for every age group and plenty of Lifeguards on duty for safety.

7. Full Blast - Battle Creek, MI

Jennifer E. had a blast:

My son and I love this place. Great place to beat the heat. Can’t beat the admission price of $10. The trains going by are an added bonus

8. Water Warrior Island - Lake Orion, MI

Harper F enjoyed the experience:

I give this water park a 5 out of 5. We have been to many outdoor inflatable water parks in the state parks and Water Warrior Island is our favorite water park. It’s always clean and the staff is always so nice. The beach is beautiful and the water in the lake is clean too. Great place for all ages, birthday parties and family BBQs.

9. LEGOLAND Discovery Center - Auburn Hills, MI

Kassandra B raves about the experience:

We loved it! We did everything we could there, from riding the rides which is endless (only two rides) to the 10 minute movie in the back! Building tracks, and playground inside my kiddo spent hours having the best time. The Staff is nice, and thorough.

10. Rolling Hills Waterpark - Ypsilanti, MI

Mary W enjoyed it:

This is a great place to go in the summer for the water park. They have something for everyone of all ages to have fun. Outside of the water park, the park is absolutely wonderful to walk around, they have so many trails. I love walking here as well as riding my bike. They have a nice pond area to walk around, with areas for sitting, as well as having a picnic. They also have a nice playground area. Can also go in winter for sledding. I would highly recommend visiting this park for all of the activities.

Sometimes we just need to do things. If adventure and fun are your thing, try these locations out.

The Best Rides at Michigan’s Adventure [RANKED]

Michigan has so many fun things to see and do, and one of the best is Michigan's Adventure. This theme park, located in Muskegon, has attractions for the whole family. They even have a waterpark! If you're looking to plan a trip, we've got you covered with a list of all of the best rides. Keep scrolling to find out which ride we put in the number one spot.

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