You have inspired countless songs, so many wild adventures, maybe a few too many bad hangovers, and amazing creativity by people who want to explore all the options you offer.

Beer, you have been a big part of my life...but not in a "I have a problem" kind of way.

I'm not going to lie, for a while, being surrounded by all the amazing craft beer in Grand Rapids, AKA "Beer City, USA" kind of turned me into a snob when it came to you.

Now that's not necessarily a bad thing.

I was so obsessed with the artistry and creativity that went into making the many different versions of you, I didn't want anything else.

There is something just so damn magical about you, beer. And powerful.

So much history, so many connections, so much just plain fun around you.

People gather in your honor whether it's for festivals, at breweries, at parties or even just your simple backyard barbecue.

I remember really understanding your power, beer, when I visited Anheuser-Busch for the first time in St. Louis, Missouri.

One of the biggest names in the beer game and one with so much iconography and history, it was truly a life-changing experience. I became a big fan of what I like to refer to as "Bud heavy" and my new house is full of decor that pays homage to you and its influence there.

Sure, I'm a young 20-something and so loving you is seen as something of a personality trait for this age group but just know, beer, you've got a friend for life in me.

So on this, fine, International Beer Day, we raise a pint to all of the amazing creations you have inspired around the world! I can't wait to make an attempt at trying as many as I can.

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