We saw this on the Frankfort lighthouse and died laughing.

First of all, they spelled "Fuggies" wrong. How did they turn fudge into fuggie?

And item B is ass's. Asses is plural. Ass's is not. If you are going to threaten us fudgies at least spell your warning correctly. Otherwise you leave people laughing where they should be trembling in fear. We went and bought some fudge after seeing this sign, of course.

My Chewbacca shirt was huge hit. Everywhere I went in Frankfort, people told me how much they loved my shirt.

From the Pants Vacation Stash

Also, my fat guy vacation hat was a huge hit. If you go on vacation, you need a vacation hat. I got mine for 5 bucks at a flea market in Buckley, Michigan. One of the guys who complimented me on the hat and shirt was from Lansing. Small world.

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