I love a good road trip. With no particular destination in mind, I get in the TrailBlazer and go. Although Tuesday afternoon's destination was somewhat of a target, it yielded a grand and tasty surprise.

A couple of things you can be sure of when I hit the road on an aimless cruise. I'm going to stop in and buy a lottery ticket at the little party store in town. Considering so many big winners come from random locations. And, I am probably going to grab a snack at a spot that a local designates as a good place to eat.



This time, It was a stop to my Mom's old home area of Parma. The town made famous by Kung Fu Diesel with their photo of the Feed & Grain elevator located in the smack in the middle of town. It's also home to a little pizza place named "Ferg's Parma Pub." When I asked the young lady what she would recommend, she directed me towards the Bella Steaks. Thick cuts of portabella mushrooms, breaded in a southern fried steak like coating and deep fried.

She then asked if I wanted marinara or ranch? I calmly replied, "I'll have the white ketchup, please." Meaning ranch. After a brief pause, she looked at me as if the world had lit up around the most obvious and overlooked name for the white liquid served by the tanker truckload, at diners all over America. a loud laugh and off she went!

Minutes later, she returned to my table with what will be the best deep fried mushroom I have ever had! Thick and meaty, breaded, not battered, they were nothing short of awesome! A little peppery, and crisp to perfection. A new mushroom standard that all others will now be judged.

"I wiggle my hips, I bend my knees, I got Elvis in my dungarees. YEAH!"


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