Fireworks for the Fourth of July
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"Light fuse, run away fast" is sound advice when setting off explosives, but some additional tips from the National Council on Fireworks Safety might keep you and your people out of harm's way as we celebrate our nation's independence.

The NCFS suggests that you actually read the label on individual fireworks before setting flame to them.

Never give fireworks to kids and keep your pets away from the action.

Let the sober person in the crowd do the igniting, for obvious reasons.

Have a hose and big bucket of water nearby - of course, you're lighting off your stash OUTDOORS, AWAY from any buildings or vehicles, right? Of course.

Might be wise to find some safety glasses for the show, as we're only issued two eyes and they're generally pretty helpful.

It's suggested that we don't experiment with 'homemade fireworks'.

Oh - and don't 'relight a dud'. It's not worth a trip to the ER.

If you want the full breakdown on how to best approach your pyro fun and stay safe, the NCFS has their full list here.



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