As a Spartan fan, I can't stand the sight of Lou Holtz. When I saw my first game at Spartan Stadium in 1990, he and Notre Dame squeaked by MSU 20-19. He was unlikeable on sight.

Then, when you hear his mouth run about how great Notre Dame is, you want to slap the spit out of his mouth. He is such a Notre Dame homer, you could never take him serious. I never once thought, "I HAVE to hear what Lou Holtz thinks about that!" because it was ALWAYS pro Notre Dame.

Well, ESPN is the SEC network. Lou Holtz is pro Notre Dame. Notre Dame is in the ACC so, there is a conflict of interest. I am sure this played a part in his leaving. They call the split a mutual decision and didn't say anything about not being able to understand a word he says. I can't understand a word Lou says other than Notre Dame.

I am sure next year, when valid points are being made by competent analyst's, I will miss Lou's nonsensical ramblings about the greatness of Notre Dame. Until then, here are some of Lou's finest moments.

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