Summer is synonymous with Barbecues. Beer coincides with barbecue. But what style of barbecue is best? Frankly, I can't decide. Already this year I have been to a place called "Smoke On The Water" in Greenville, South Carolina. The food was pretty good and their brand of the Carolina mustard sauce was a nice treat.

During last years trip to Dreamland BBQ in Birmingham, Alabama, the food was amazing! The brick walls were thick with the smoke of charcoal goodness. Truly the best ribs I have ever had at a restaurant. My girlfriend Sara Marie, does an amazing job with ribs herself. That's why I had to clarify with the word "restaurant."

The Tennessee barbecue of Jack's B-B-Q in Downtown Nashville, TN, was nothing less that spectacular as well. The amazing green beans with bacon and baked beans were a smash. Sides are very important when it comes to complimenting the smoked entree'. If the meat doesn't make the cut, then the sides are always good to fall back on.

During trips this year, there's not much to report. Indianapolis didn't produce much different than here in Michigan. They have the famed Weber Grill of Downtown Indy, but the wait is long and it's just not in the budget. Minnesota and New York were just airport stops and Ireland well, let's just say that barbecue was not on the minds of Sara and myself. It was more about fishing, friends and beer.

Next week I head to Florida for another business trip for my other show, Wild Michigan. Maybe I'll find something there. Fingers are crossed for a third trip to the Bassmaster Classic which will be held in Oklahoma and I will be sure to check out the BBQ stylings there. My ultimate goal is Texas, for a little of the dry rubbed goodness that they are known for. I like a little bark and not much sauce. Texas is where it's at.

Make sure to check out all of the local talent at the upcoming BBQ & Brews event, coming to Cooley Law School Stadium on August 29th. Dennis DeYoung will perform the music of Styx and it is sure to be a great time. Get your tickets now by clicking the link here. WMMQ BBQ & BREWS!