For the first time since her first week home... I had to get up at 2:45am this morning to a loud baby. She was mumbling away and needed a diaper change. I fed her and put her back to bed. I have heard people talk about their horror stories but it was downright magical. She was so sweet and I swear she said da da.

I tried going back to bed but my wife, the Ultimate Snorrior, was in the middle of sawing a major log. I called her that and she said "How long you been sitting on that one?"

I said: "Since I was laying up last night wide awake contemplating suffocating you with my pillow."

She was not impressed with my nickname.

After I gave up trying to sleep and just came in to work. I finally remembered my mouse pad my wife had made at Shutterfly of our baby Nugget. They keep drawing her in with free gifts.

Anyhow, I wanted to be grumpy but all day I kept staring at it and thinking... I need to do just this. Love and enjoy each moment. The only problem is I don't like putting my mouse on it.

Nugget Mouse pad

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