I wasn't surprised to see Michigan's COVID numbers screaming back up. I was surprised to see we were #8 in the nation for active cases of COVID with just under a quarter of a million people. 246 thousand and change. I KNOW the number is much higher but some places take around 2 plus hours just to do testing and not everyone is going to wait patiently for the swab treatment. I still haven't been tested.

It was back around July, the numbers were so low, I was considering going back to work. The bosses asked me and I said, when the cases reach single digits again in Michigan, I'll come back.

We were almost there, then... Orders were struck down and it's no coincidence the spread since has been massive and quick. Even now when I go into a store, there is some person there not wearing a mask properly and acting quite happy about it. We are nearly to 11 thousand Michiganders dead. A lot less would have been dead if people would have worn a mask. You and I both know a National Mask Mandate will be coming in the next year.

I have been right about a lot of things because I listen to some smart people. We were told it's going to be a dark winter and here it comes.

Also coming is the Pfizer COVID vaccine. It just got FDA approval today. So, people could be getting the vaccine as early as Monday. Click here to see that. Will you be in a hurry to get one?

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