Maitlynn and I have been so focused on Eddie Van Halen, I almost missed some great AC/DC news!

They released their new single from their new record "Power Up" just after midnight.

It is getting buried and lost in the news because of the death of legendary rocker Eddie Van Halen.

Check out the new song! You can hear the full album on November 13th.

The GREAT thing about AC/DC is, this song sounds like it could have been on any AC/DC record. It just fits their brand.

The album is a tribute to Malcolm Young who passed away in 2017. It features the return of the Classic living members of the band and some mended fences. Drummer Phil Rudd returns after his battles. Bassist Cliff Williams also returns after leaving. Brian Johnson returns to the vocals after 'retiring" for a while. All of them left for health reasons... Now all return. Angus is back playing guitar. Stevie Young is the nephew of the late Malcolm and Angus is the new second guitarist.

His dad was named Stephen. He is the oldest brother of Malcolm, Angus, George and Alex Young. George was a member of the band The Easybeats. Quite a musical family.

AC/DC was my first concert back on the Razors Edge Tour. My ears rang for 3 straight days. I can see how Brian went deaf.

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