Here we go! I had a blast over the Fourth of July weekend with my friends and family. I want to thank Bath, MI for making it one of the best Independence Days I can recall in recent history.

Why Bath? I have always liked Bath, MI. It's a small community where residents know each other. It's quaint. The "town folk" are beaming with pride about their community and it's evident. I had written an article about where you can get fireworks to light off on the 4th. I included the Phantom Fireworks tent in Bath. I woke up on Saturday morning and realized I hadn't purchased any fireworks yet. I climbed in my truck with my family and we drove to Bath to visit the tent. The guys working the tent were as cool as they come. They had a huge variety of fireworks for purchase. We secured approximately $350 worth of fireworks for our weekend fun.

When we were leaving one of the staff said, "you'll be back". I responded with, "you're probably right". Low and behold I was back at the fireworks tent on Sunday morning when they opened for business at 9a. Upon my return I heard the same staff member say, "He's back", when I was getting out of my truck. We had a nice laugh and I proceeded to buy some mortars.

We also drove around Bath to get ice cream, play on the playground and more. Kind people are what I am all about, Bath, you've done good and I will be back soon.

Bath, MI Is Awesome

Bath is a great place to visit. My family and I had fun in Bath, MI. Check out the pics from Bath, MI.

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