Bathrooms mean something completely different to every person. For me, it's a place to take care of my duty, shower, shave, brush my teeth and to get going with my day. Others spend a lot of time in the bathroom, some might even consider it their favorite room in the house. To each their own.

One thing that we all know is that bathrooms can get very dirty, very fast. A bathroom has multiple people that use it. The more people that use the bathroom the bigger the mess. The age of the "users" also factors in. The bathroom that my wife and I use is a lot cleaner than the one that my nine year old and thirteen year old sons use.

Public restrooms are a necessity, but sometimes you just have to hold it after you've entered a septic tank of filth. The dirtiest bathrooms that my wife and I have encountered were at the Speedway gas station at Exit 39 off I-94 in Coloma. The men's and women's restroom looked like someone's colon exploded and they had never been cleaned since they were built. Unless things have changed, do not stop. I'm rarely offended by anything, these were offensive. They need to be tore down and rebuilt. Other notable filthy restrooms include some past and current businesses in the area. The Silver Dollar, Mac's Bar and Rick's all had filthy restrooms. I haven't been to Rick's in a while, hopefully they've cleaned them.

According to these are the places in your bathroom that need attention!

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