(My brother's deer is the 6 point on the left that's still 'intact')

My brother Mark has been going to Canada the past several years to hunt with his pals and this year he shared these beauties with me. I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to say WHERE they were, because I always get in trouble for giving away any location clues when it comes to good hunting spots.

Not only is he a fantastic hunter, who also taught the sport to my two nieces, he's also very generous with his harvests of venison and fish - THANK YOU!

And, he has incredible stories. Like the time their truck caught on fire returning from Canada. I really should get him on the air to tell it sometime.

Good luck with your firearm season - keep in mind we have the WMMQ virtual buck pole going on, so share your pictures and tell your friends!

Also, here's MSU Executive Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski's Venison Chili recipe - YUM!