The Detroit Free Press is reporting some news that should warm the hearts of Michiganders and beer aficionados.

Bell's Brewery in Comstock, Michigan has announced that the 2019 arrival date for their popular seasonal brew Oberon will be on March 25. That means the countdown is on...54 days and counting for the wheat ale...just in time for college basketball fans' favorite two weekends of each year.

Bell's has also announced a new brew to be released in July 2019. It's a twist to what I feel is the absolute, most perfect IPA ever made. Fellow Two Hearted Ale fans, prepare and rejoice for Double Two Hearted Ale. That's right...Double!! It will be available in bottles with an 11 percent alcohol content by volume. Nothing but centennial hops are going to be used in the brew.

For full details about the 2019 plans for Bell's and other Michigan microbreweries, visit this link to the Detroit Free Press.

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