This is my sweet Gigi (I know, no one likes that I named her that, excpet for our listener 'Gigi', the cat and me); Penny from CAHS brought Gigi to the radio station one Friday in the middle of June and that was it. Of course I'd just decided that my other cat, Foo Foo, was fine on her own and didn't need any 'friends' (my dog Jake left this life for the next in October of last year); Foo would be just fine as a crabby solo cat.  Then this kitten shows up and snuggled into my neck -- what was I gonna' do???  Poor little thing was a stray with a leg so badly broken that they thought they'd have to amputate, she was filthy and had all those pleasant little bugs that kitties get -- Penny fostered her with TONS of love and helped make her a sweet, sweet companion that makes me laugh every day and brings such great energy to our home.  Foo is finally over the shock of it all has decided they can be friends, mostly. 

If you're thinking of giving a 'forever home' to a new family member, the Capital Area Humane Society is holding their Holiday Open House Saturday December 7th -- details in the link below.