One of my favorite things about the Holiday season and Christmas is the movies. Christmas movies get me in the Christmas spirit. Do you watch a ton of Christmas movies this time of year?

My favorite Christmas movies, in order, are:

1. National Lampoons Christmas Vacation

2. It's A Wonderful Life

3. A Christmas Story

4. White Christmas

5. Elf

Of course I like Die Hard, despite the fact it was released during the summer, it's a Christmas movie, let's end the debate.

I recently did a survey on my Facebook page to find out what Christmas movies YOU love, right here in mid Michigan. I was happy to see some of the old classics like It's A Wonderful Life, White Christmas and Miracle on 34th Street getting some love. Don't let those movies fade from memory, turn one on for the kids this year.

Other movies that were mentioned include Scrooged with Bill Murray, The Holiday, Sound of Music, Polar Express, Gremlins, Lethal Weapon, Love Actually and others. For the record, Love Actually is a solid Christmas movie that will tug at the heart strings. As I've gotten older I've become sappier. Yeah, I admit it.

This survey also reminded me of so many great Christmas movies I haven't watched in years. This year I plan on viewing Die Hard with the family, after all it is a Christmas movie.

Thank you for the feedback. Sure, I could use some "national" survey but that doesn't reflect the opinion of YOU, right here in mid Michigan. Check out all of the great responses, pop some popcorn and gather around the TV to watch some of your favorites.

Best Christmas Movies in mid Michigan

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