They say Richard Sherman had one of the great post-game rants ever after Seattle defeated San Francisco in NFC Championship game. "Don't you EVER talk about me!"

If he played on your team, you would love that guy. Here are my top 5 favorite coaching rants. Jim Mora shows up twice on the list. First, as coach of New Orleans. #5

Then again talking PLAYOFFS as coach of Indianapolis. #4

Herman Edwards will never live down "YOU PLAY TO WIN THE GAME!" #3

Dennis Green had my #2 rant. It cracks me up. He's a big black dude who sounds like a geeky little white guy.

My #1 rant goes to former Coastal Carolina head coach David Bennett talking cats and dogs.

You can't do a rant list without DITKA. "What do you care?"

Here is another rant that just missed the list.