I was checking out the highlights of the Alamo Bowl last night and started laughing out loud. The Kicker for the Texas Longhorns name is Cameron Dicker.

Yup. Dicker the Kicker. It's reversing the old kicked in the dick joke. Dicker IS the kicker.

It's not just me.

You can tell the announcers love to say his name. In this clip you can hear Gus Johnson yell DICK-ER. It almost sounds like DICK HURT.

Last year, the backup kicker to Dicker was Chris Nagger. Please say that out loud.

I have been laughing about Dicker the Kicker all day. He is only a junior so we should have the Dicker name to kick around for at least another year.

It brings to mind some great names that we have had here in Michigan.

Former MSU Tight End Kyle Sackrider is one of my all time favorites.

Jake Butt for Michigan was always used in jokes even though he is a pretty good player. Best thing about Butt is he also played tight end.

The Lions had a player in the 90's named Harry Colon.

The Tigers used to have a player named Charlie Furbush. They traded him for Doug Fister. It was the Fister-Furbush deal.

Did you spot a funny player name? Send it to me! joey@wmmq.com

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