Winter is ready to make an entrance into Michigan! Michigan's weather is unpredictable and can change at any time. When it comes to setting your thermometer at home, what do you set your temperature at?

Turning the heat down when you are not home, or at night when you are sleeping, is a good way to save some money on your energy costs. There are 3 different suggested temp settings for Michigan homes during the winter.

What are the 3 different temperature settings for Michigan homes in the winter?

With colder temperatures come rising energy costs. We heat our home differently depending on the time of day and who's home. West Michigan Heating suggests that these are the different temp settings, here they are.

  • While you’re home during the day.
  • While sleeping at night.
  • While you’re gone.

I'm a hot blooded dude, we keep our heat cooler at night, otherwise I'd burn up. During the day and evening we keep it comfortable, if we get chilly we put on a sweatshirt. Since there are three different times of day we adjust our thermostat settings, what is the ideal temperature? Keep in mind the lower the temp the more money you will save.

What temp should Michigan set on the thermostat during the day, during winter, when home?

The Department of Energy recommends 68 degrees during daytime.

If you’re feeling chilly, there are a couple of other ways you can stay comfortable.

  • Run your ceiling fan in reverse when you’re in a room. This redistributes hot air that collects near the ceiling.
  • Select energy-efficient window treatments, like honeycomb shades or plantation shutters. If your home has old or drafty windows, installing plastic sheeting or window blankets offers an additional barrier against the cold.
  • Make the most of natural warmth by opening south-facing window treatments during the day. Don’t forget to shut them at night to minimize heat loss.

What temp should Michigan set on the thermostat during the day, during winter, when gone?

If it dips below 30 degrees, setting your thermostat around 64-65 degrees is a wise choice while away. Your furnace won’t be pumping a lot of heat into a vacant home, but it’ll be easy for the temperature to recover when you get back. You may want to set the thermostat somewhat higher if you have a dog, especially a puppy, senior dog, small dog or a dog with short hair. Between 66-67 degrees will keep them cozy and happy.


What temp should Michigan set on the thermostat at night during the winter?

I love my bedroom to be chili, I don't sleep well when it's warm in the room.

Keeping your bedroom cool can help you get a better night’s sleep. The National Sleep Foundation advises a thermostat setting of 64-65 degrees.

Try to cut your costs if you can, wear layers.

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