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I think people like Chewbacca so much because in some reality, they found Bigfoot, domesticated him and made him a functioning member of society. Deep down, that is why everyone is looking for he no longer has to live alone.

It must be a fun life, dodging discovery. Always avoiding the quiet drones flying around trying to find you. All the people camping out looking for you.

There are a crop of people waiting to be messed with. If you are looking to go viral messing with people, you need a good costume.

Why not really make them wonder with this Chewbacca costume?

Or, you could go with this one if you are in to a traditional Bigfoot.

Then there are the things you need to hunt for Bigfoot.

#2 A Bigfoot research kit. Option 1 or Option 2.

But wait, what about vintage Bigfoot swag?

There's a Bigfoot puzzle.

While we're on the topic, someone stole Bigfoot in Florida! Click here for more Bigfoot.

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