I have been labeled “bizarre.” I have also been called an “idiot savant.” Labels don’t mean anything to me. I am who I am.

Since I am bizarre, I like to check out odd and cool new things.

When I moved to Lansing, I thought it was weird that to get around town in the fastest way, you had to use the highway. I became familiar with 496, I-96, I-69 and 127 quick. I also grew up in a small town, so moving to Lansing was a big change for me. I love the fact that I live in the capital city of our great state of Michigan.

There is something to be said about our state’s capital being smack dab in the middle of our town. When I was growing up, our school took a field trip to Lansing, and we took a tour of the capital. I have lived here for 26 years. I haven’t gone back to get a tour. I should probably do that. It’s cool to see our government at work.

Of course, there are the mainstream things you can do while in Lansing if you’re visiting or if you live in the area. You can check out the Lansing Lugnuts, River Trail, Fish Ladder in Old Town and tons of other ways to kill some time.

Trying something new helps me step out of my comfort zone. What’s wrong with a new experience? Absolutely nothing. Nada. Zilch. Zip.

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The cool thing about stepping out of your comfort zone is that if you try something new and you like it, you’ve got something new to do that you enjoy. Life experiences are all I'm about nowadays. I would rather have a sweet life experience than stay in the same spot while I run in place.

I have mentioned the mainstream things you can do. They are always a lot of fun. But what if you want to try something new this weekend? We've got some weird and unique sites as well. Did you know that Lansing is home to the world’s largest lugnut? Did you know that we have a “steam” clock?

Although I am a resident of the area, I was unaware of some of the bizarre things that you can do in the Lansing area. Time to make a game plan and visit these cool, yet bizarre, ways to kill time.

Lansing’s Rotary Steam Clock

100 N Grand Ave Lansing, Michigan

Here are the fun facts you need to know. The Steam Clock was a gift for the 150th birthday to the City of Lansing. It beats a tupperware set. The clock is powered by electricity and steam. You can see the inner-workings of the clock. The clock is tall, it stands at 28 feet. It gets loud too. It plays two songs a day.

World’s Largest Lugnut

Corner of Cedar and Jay Streets in Lansing, Michigan

It’s only fitting that Lansing would be the home for World’s Largest Lugnut. The home of the Lugnuts—Jackson Field—is right across the street.

The Queen City

2425 E Grand River Ave Lansing, Michigan

I have driven by this many times. Until I started doing the research to write this article, I had no idea what it was. Here’s the scoop.

It’s named the “Queen City” because it came from Traverse City, the Queen City of the North. It was purchased in 1895 by the T.C. Fire Department. It had a long run, with 22 years of service and 4,000 runs. It’s a horse drawn pumper to put out fires.

Moist Towelette Museum

755 Science Rd Room 100 East Lansing, Michigan

I think this is bizarre. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy a fresh towelette. When I open a towelette, the aroma immediately takes me back to being a child—it reminds me of my grandma. The fact that someone has collected these intrigues me. I wonder if the old ones are still moist. This is indoors, and you can visit it on a rainy day.

No. 2 Tollgate House

5151 Marsh Rd Okemos, Michigan

Sometimes you don’t realize just how much history is around us. I had no idea about this Tollgate house until I started reading about it. I have seen it before. It turns out this was built around 1850. There was a push in the mid 1800s to make “roads” out of wood for a smoother ride instead of dirt trails. I had no idea.

I’m sure there are other bizarre things to check out in the Lansing area. Drop a message so I can check them out!

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