Have you been enjoying all that fall has to offer since it started some weeks ago? We still have a little bit of time before the leaves completely disappear for the season. How cool is it to be around for spring and summer and away for the winter and then back at spring again?

Also the time of year where you walk outside on occasion and smell out neighbors burning leaves, I just love that smell.

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Here is a question for you, ever notice the large black spots on some of your maple leaves?  Well, it is nothing to worry about.  It actually looks worse than it actually is according to thesuntimesnews.com and the Michigan State University Extension.

It's simply a symptom of fungal disease or as some put it  “tar spots.”. They can be seen on some silver, sugar, red, and Norway maple trees as well as box elders.


The spots typically show up in  summer as small, yellowish-green spots. Over the course of summer, rain and heat allow the fungus to grow into black spots which increase in diameter as the fungus thrives. Late summer into fall the tree can have the appearance of being splashed with tar, hence the name.


MSU says it's no big deal and is usually a cosmetic thing and does not affect the overall health of the tree. In some cases, they may fall off the tree a bit early just anxious for you to rake them up.

Spraying the leaves which is what some folks do really doesn't do any good.  It's just nature I guess,

If you want to read a bit more on the subject check out www.migarden.msu.edu.

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