Every city has a weird, potentially dangerous intersection that locals have pretty much figured out, just learned to avoid it, or just refuse to believe the "unspoken rules" of it apply to them.

That's what this intersection in Jackson is like...it's a mix of people who, thankfully, know those unspoken rules and know it well enough to avoid the other type of people, the ones who don't.

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Where is This Intersection?

Now, understandably, it can be confusing because this is not your average intersection.

Technically, it is one side road that ends where you can pull out onto a main road but before you do that, you must make it through a small "tunnel" of sorts underneath some train tracks.

We're talking about Blackman Rd. going out to W. Michigan Ave.

What's the Problem

Well, if you are pulling off W. Michigan to turn onto Blackman, it looks like this:

Image Courtesy of Google Street View
Image Courtesy of Google Street View

Conversely, if you are pulling off Blackman onto W. Michigan, it looks like this:

Maitlynn Mossolle
Maitlynn Mossolle

Notice the issue?

If you said "only one car can fit through" you would be correct. However, it's not only that, it's that the visibility is next to nothing until you are going through it.

Drivers coming FROM W. Michigan Ave. do have a slight advantage as they can pull forward enough to be able to see if another car is emerging from the other side.

However, drivers coming from Blackman have to stop at the stop sign on their side of the tunnel and if there is not already another car at the other side waiting for their turn to go, they can then go through the tunnel and pray any other driver coming from W. Michigan sees them and stops.

The Unspoken Rules

I get it, this is a bit of a nerve-wracking part of your drive. Even as someone who passes through it twice a day, every day, I still drive through with one hand ready on my horn and hope in my heart saying "don't let today be the day."

Now, those pulling off Blackman Rd. DO have two stop signs to adhere to. However, one of those you stop at while waiting for the person at the other side of the tunnel to pull away from the one on the other side, then on to Michigan Ave.

What's frustrating is some of you coming off W. Michigan Ave. barely slow down enough to make it through in a way that's safe for anyone in that area, let alone even attempt to stop.

My heart drops every time I'm halfway through the tunnel after doing everything I was SUPPOSED to do only to see one of you coming in real hot.

DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED on those of you who see someone beginning to emerge from the far side of the tunnel on the Blackman Rd. and you don't even give potentially stopping a second thought, but you then continue to barrel through like you own the joint.

No, technically YOU don't HAVE to stop, but one time I even had to reverse all the way back to the first stop sign because you didn't have the sense to make sure a car was coming and did not feel the slightest bit like maybe you should yield.

Basically, all I'm trying to say here is that common courtesy goes a long way on the road but it especially goes a long way when there is a part of said road that is particularly tricky for everyone involved.

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