"Reason #472 You can't have anything nice. When you take your BMW off-road. Then you stand there with your driving gloves on wondering if anyone would help you pick up the back end."

Photo Courtesy William Trinkle
Photo Courtesy William Trinkle

This was posted on Facebook by William Trinkle, known to many of you by his radio name 'Bill Elliott', who worked here 'on-air' many years ago. Bill says the driver, who was wearing leather driving gloves, was hoping he might get some help to lift the car back onto the road.

No one nearby had a tow strap or chain, nor did anyone feel it was a great idea to try to physically lift up the back of the car in an attempt to get it fully back on the road. There's no cell service in the back country of Utah, either, so he couldn't call for help. I'm told that the guy hitched a ride 12 miles back to the ranger station to request a tow truck.



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