Last week travels for my other show "Wild Michigan" found me in Florida. A semi "vacation" I decided I would take my girlfriend Sara and Daughter Eryn, to the beach. If you know me at all, you know that I am not a fan of beaches! Hot sticky weather, dirty sand and tourists! Not exactly my cup of tea. But I though I would at least concede and let the girls have their kind of fun.

As luck would have it, a World War II era photo flash bomb washed up on the beach that morning and had to be detonated! In typical Forrest Gump fashion, I stumbled upon the most unlikely day to go to the beach. To be honest, I guess it was pretty cool! Not only did we get to be there to have a bomb discovered, we made the background shot on the news and the girls made the Tampa Bay Times photo spread.  I guess the beach isn't all that bad when cool stuff happens/ And no one was hurt, of course. Safety First!

Here is the ABC News 9 video and story.


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