Tuukka Rask, long-time goalie for the Boston Bruins and a huge Metallica fan, celebrated his 500th career game last night and was showered with gifts but one really stole the show.

According to the NHL, Rask's success with the team was celebrated with a video full of messages from former teammates and an extra special one from Metallica drummer and founding member Lars Ulrich.

Not only did Rask get to bask in all the glory with the video but was also showered with gifts from an engraved bottle of wine to a silver hockey stick and, most notably, a replica drum set of Ulrich's own tour kit!

Aside from it being Rask's 500th career game, he was also honored for his early-season success in becoming the Bruins' all-time career leader in wins and the team went on to defeat the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Now we Red Wings fans here in Michigan just have to wonder what rock artist will gift our very own Chris Osgood some drums because, as we have recently learned, he's got some skill!

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