As a kid growing up in the 70's, we had what I refer to as "enough." Enough to eat and buy the essentials plus, a few extras along the way. Frugality was always a part of our lives though. One pair of boots to get you through the snowy winter. And when the boots began to leak, it was time to put the bread bags on! That thin lay of plastic that shielded your feet from the wet snow that wa going to seep into your snowmobile or moon boots.

Whatever the bread du jour, that was the bag that was going on your feet. What our parents failed to realize was that there was going to be large amounts of sweat that was held captive within the confines of those "Soft N Good" sleeves of love.

No matter how much I complain about those days, I am proud to have had the experiences that most parents would never make their own kids go through today. Then again, maybe we should have let them enjoy a little of the life that we had.