I really was one of the best break dancers ever to come out of Webberville, I have to brag. The head spin was one of the few moves I couldn't master. The backspin, the wave. I was a helicopter KING! Break dancing was awesome because it didn't matter the kind of clothes you wore, if you could dance, people thought that was cool. I remember always wanting to wear my parachute pants whilst I break danced. Wardrobe became more important in the 90's with Hammer and Kris Kross.

Bragging aside. Trying to capitalize on the popularity of break dancing a mere 40 years after it reached it's zenith, the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris will feature Break Dancing. Yes, there will be a gold medal for BREAK DANCING! They were looking

The International Olympic Committee, who is clearly NOT corrupt, added it to the 2024 Summer Games because it's "more gender-balanced, more youthful, and more urban."

I think they should make "Dirty Dancing" an Olympic Sport and I bet it would become the "Figure Skating" like event that draws a lot of viewers. I know I would watch. It could be any variation of couples.

We have Break Dancing for now. I used to love to break dance to Whodini.

What is your favorite song to break it?

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