I see what makes those Mad Men, mad. Christina Hendricks!

1 out of 8 women will get breast cancer. That is a fact. Get more breast cancer facts here. Early detection is always the key. Schedule and exam and know your body.

I have been planning on Breast Cancer Awareness Month and ordered myself a new staff shirt. I have NEVER seen a pink WMMQ staff shirt and wanted to be the first to wear one. NICK CHASE saw my order and ordered one for himself! I seriously thought about hiding it from him when it came today. NICK CHASE IS A PINK STAFF SHIRT IDEA STEALER! Well, I have stolen a few ideas from him so, I guess I'll get over it.

Here is my October staff shirt haul.

Courtesy of the Pants Stash

I have never seen a camo WMMQ staff shirt either. Well, I will be the first at something.

Speaking of Pink! Check out the Pink Dessert Wars coming up October 14th presented by Pioneer SugarWhipped Bakery and the University Club of MSU! To compete in Pink Dessert Wars, call 517-887-3255. If you want to sample some baked deliciousness, check this out. Some of  the contestants include Red Cedar CafeBake N CakesThe University ClubWhipped Bakery, Shee Be Baking, Looking Grand Cafe and Pixy’s Pastries.

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Here is Christina Hendricks again. Now, go put on some pink!

Courtesy of Getty Images