We have now heard Axl Rose sing AC/DC songs alongside Angus Young after last weekend's Guns 'N' Roses performance at Coachella Music Festival. We've heard rumors that Brian Johnson felt betrayed by his AC/DC bandmates after they postponed their "Rock or Bust" tour, as they seek a replacement singer, which, in all likelihood, appears to be Axl. But, Johnson has released an official statement to set the rumors straight.

The Detroit Free Press relayed the full statement to fans today. In a nutshell, Johnson explains that his hearing loss led to issues in large venues that prevented him from hearing his bandmates, resulting in a lackluster affair for fans. The singer admits that his touring days are likely over, considering AC/DC still demands the large venue affairs for their live performances. But, he expects to continue with studio work and thanks his bandmates for their support.

Any hard feelings seem to be water under the bridge, according to Johnson's statement. Read it in full from The Detroit Free Press here.