Judgy moms on the internet aren't too happy about this kids dad. A dad takes his kid to a Springsteen show in L.A. on March 15th. A SCHOOL NIGHT! The show is 3 and a half hours long. This kid in the crowd holds up a sign saying "Bruce, I will be late to school tomorrow, please sign my note!"

This kid gets invited backstage and gets to meet Bruce! A once in a lifetime opportunity, right? Sure enough, internet moms behind a keyboard are pissed this parent kept the kid out late on a school night! Click here to see the full awesome story.

What an experience for this kid. Bruce wrote the note saying, "Dear Ms. Jackson, Xabi has been out very late rocking and rolling. Please excuse him if he is tardy!"

The Boss signed the note and drew a little picture of a guitar.

Creative way of getting backstage...

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