If only they were all old school like Miguel Cabrera...

Detroit Tigers faithful like to evaluate and critique the jobs done by Manager Brad Ausmus and General Manager Dave Dombrowski. Some of the discussion surrounding Dombrowski is his medical evaluation of high priced players, like Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander. Some fans will say that Dombrowski and player management personnel rushed the two players back during the last off season when both players had surgical procedures to take care of injuries. Others will say that these are two old school minded players that signed contracts to play ball, and injury be damned, they're going to insist on playing ball whether they're 100 percent or not.

According to an article at freep.com this afternoon, the supporters of the latter theory now have more evidence to back them up. Miguel Cabrera refused to sign paperwork that allows him to claim his portion of a hefty team bonus for making the playoffs. The article states that Max Scherzer approached Cabrera as the team's representative to get his Hancock. He refused. A confused Victor Martinez, who had just given his signature, asked him if he was sure. Cabrera told both players that he just wants the ring.

Sure, Cabrera has millions stocked up, and has more than $260 million still coming to him through the length of his contract. But, as the article states, the lump bonus sum is divided up among players, coaches, and support personnel...whose salaries are nowhere near Cabrera's. Think about how much his portion will help those folks out. In a day where sports and athletes seemingly have a constant black cloud hovering over them, in the court of public opinion, Cabrera's I-just-want-to-play mentality is a welcomed breath of fresh air.