They've got time to make a bacon-infused beer but not a way to open up their restaurants here in Michigan?

If you know me well enough, you know that breakfast (specifically, waffles) is my favorite. Sure, we have Denny's and other places but none of them quite stack up to the level of excellence at Waffle House.

I get that "Southern Charm" is kind of their thing and if you go there and a sweet waitress with a southern accent doesn't call you "baby" then you have wasted your trip.

Going to Waffle House is really a sacred treat when you go south; however, "south" can actually mean Ohio of all places.

OHIO...what have they done for anybody that is good enough to deserve Waffle House? Why can't Michigan have one?

My boyfriend, Jordan, has told me the story before about how in the late 80's his grandpa wanted to open up a Waffle House here in Michigan but they claimed that it was too far north...sure.

Now, though, they have had plenty of time on their hands to craft up a bacon-infused, Waffle House-branded beer called "Bacon and Kegs" as reported by Delish.

Of course, they teamed up with a craft brewery in Georgia, Greensboro Brewery, and is only available there.

WHY Waffle House, WHY are you gatekeeping your deliciousness in the south? I'm a good person, I feel like I deserve to have a piece of you here in Michigan. Last time I ate at one of your fine establishments in Florida, I actually PAID for a mug instead of stealing one like I'm sure many other people do.

So, please, Waffle House, consider this my calling to stop the shenanigans and my plea to open up here in Michigan.

While we aren't lucky enough to have Waffle House here in Michigan, we do have these ones that were featured on the Food Network:

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