A new store in Mount Prospect, Illinois that caters to those in need of Adult Diapers. Well, that and the fetish known as "ABDL." or Adult Baby Diaper Lovers. Those who like to be treated as a baby by wearing diapers can now add a 5 foot rocking horse or a 7 foot crib to their collection.

The store called Tykeables, has the villagers up in arms and recently since had meetings to complain about the appointment only business, whose windows are covered for privacy while its patrons powder up and goo goo their time away.

Adults wishing to live out the fantasy of being diapered, fed and play like a baby, now have a new place to go. That is until the good folks of Mount Prospect, find a way to shut it down. Until then, you can come in and "let your freak flag fly!"

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