Last Saturday was one of the most embarrassing and horrific games ever played under the guidance of a Tom Izzo-led Spartan team. It was the largest deficit that a team he coached got crushed by.

The Iowa Hawkeyes came into East Lansing looking for a win. Well, they got it and more. Iowa slaughtered State by 30 points. It was totally a bad scene.

MSU had won their last two games but versus number 15 Iowa they were devastated. All Tom Izzo and the players could say was it was embarrassing. Really, I think everyone could figure that out.

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It was the worst display of hoop ever by a Tom Izzo team. This team is still soft and it looks like they will be until the season is over. It’s very disturbing too. Yeah, I’m sure COVID is part of it, but definitely not all of it.

People don’t want to hear excuses, they want results like the coach does. This is a very bizarre situation that I sure can’t figure out. To get beat by 30 by a good but not great team is torture.

This team has almost hit rock bottom. I never thought I would be saying that, but it’s true.

Tomorrow State will travel to Purdue for a revenge game. MSU hosted Purdue earlier in the season and was up by 17 and lost. This is where it really started to implode. Let’s see if this team can rebound and get back on track.

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