How many times have you been driving in the country, the city or a highway and suddenly had the urge to "go to the bathroom"? It happens to everyone. Sometimes nature calls and you just have to "go". While the relief is welcomed, is it legal to "go to the bathroom" on the side of the road?

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I am guilty of this. I have pulled over in the middle of the "sticks" on a side road to relieve myself. I have done it on the sides of interstate highways too. I have never done this while driving through downtown. That would just be weird.

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To avoid some serious charges and potential life changing statements on your criminal record, HOLD IT!

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Michigan Law Grad explains what could happen to you if you make the decision to "go" in public:

In Michigan there are a few charges that can be associated with urinating or defecating in public.  The more serious route is the State of Michigan offense of Indecent Exposure.  In Michigan there is a simple and aggravated indecent exposure when they knowingly make any open or indecent exposure of his or her person to another person.

It becomes the more serious aggravated when the indecent exposure involves fondling yourself or engaging in any sexual acts.  Aggravated indecent exposure is essentially masturbating in public, which is a felony offense that carrying a maximum penalty of up to two years in the state prison as well as a fine of up to $2000.  Simple indecent exposure is a misdemeanor offense. Urinating in public could be charged as indecent exposure or it can be charged as a local ordinance as public urinating, which is still a 90-day criminal misdemeanor.


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I hope this clears up any misconception that it's ok to "go to the bathroom" on the side of the road in Michigan. Even if you have to "go", don't, you could be facing serious charges.

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