If you are social-media savvy or at least just keep up with popular culture, you have probably heard the term(s) "cancel" or "cancel culture" revolving around public figures.

Right here in Michigan, a favorite Grand Haven establishment, Pronto Pups, has come under fire and is facing calls of being "cancelled" after a post published by the owner went viral.

Known as a favorite spot for corndogs in Grand Haven, Pronto Pups has a faithful following in West Michigan and beyond; however, the owner was seemingly fed up with the situation we all find ourselves in between the pandemic and current political arguments surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement.

As MLive reports, the post written by the owner was a full-on rant denouncing BLM, masks, calling the coronavirus "100% political", blaming and wanting to kill George Soros, saying the Michigan Militia should get involved and more.

At a time where people are very aware of political correctness and making sure to not spew anything that could be understood as racist, the 1,200-word post came as quite a blow and quickly spread across the internet.

West Michigan natives and beyond were sharing it far and wide with claims to "cancel" the previously beloved establishment.

After the post gained traction across social media, MLive says, there was a following post that claimed, Carl Nelson, the owner of Pronto Pups meant the post for his personal page...still something that did not sit well with people.

So when people band together calling to "cancel" someone or a business, what does that mean?

"Cancel culture refers to the popular practice of withdrawing support for (canceling) public figures and companies after they have done or said something considered objectionable or offensive," says Dictionary.com. "Cancel culture is generally discussed as being performed on social media in the form of group shaming."

In relation to that definition, is "cancel culture" something you should care about?

Well, that comes down to how strong your beliefs and values are to you. If you cannot feel good about supporting a business or person that does not reflect the values you hold near and dear, then don't. If it is not as big of a deal to you, keep pressing on.

For example, even as Pronto Pups was getting heat for the post on Tuesday (July 14th), MLive reports things were "business as usual" and people, either unaware of the post or just choosing to still eat there anyways, were still lined up.

Though the main difference was the plethora of news outlets and cameras around, Nelson only mentioned the controversy to those who asked.

While we have seen "cancel culture" take its toll on many businesses and people, especially in the age of social media, it all really depends on if you agree or not.

In the example of Pronto Pups, it just shows sometimes those things don't matter to people.

Of course there are people out there who agree with those who find themselves wrapped up in "cancel culture" scandals and support from those people end up being what keeps their business and reputation afloat.

So, again, to answer the question of "should you even care?" We are free to believe what we want and capitalism makes it so we can spend our money where and how we want so if you choose to care or not, it really is totally up to you!

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