Jim Matheney, who was a police captain in the Detroit suburbs, took a job in Nederland, Colorado, altitude about 2,500 MILES above sea level.  For comparison, I looked up the altitude of Farmington Hills, Michigan, which is about 260 miles above sea level. That's a bit of contrast.

Why the geography details to start the story? They're key.  Matheney took a job as the Town Marshal in Nederland, but resigned after six months.  There was speculation that he left because of a space alien attack. (?!)

He says, "No.  It's the altitude."  He can't take the air there. He insists that he was not attacked by space aliens.

Apparently, the quirky town of Nederland is best known for their 'Frozen Dead Guy Days Festival', which celebrates a guy who lived there and had himself cryogenically frozen in hopes of one day walking again among the undead.  The festival is in March of next year if you're thinking like that sounds like fun. Which, actually, does sound like fun.  In addition to two tents of live music, they host chilly winter games like frozen T-shirt contests, brain freeze contests, snowy beach volleyball and ice turkey bowling.