It was back in 2002 when Deb Hart first called me Joey Pants. I DID NOT like it at first. When ladies started calling the show and asking to talk to Joey Pants... I thought it might stick and became ok with it.

J & D

It was a bit rough at first, no doubt. I am a boundless ball of energy and controlling the energy proved difficult in that first year. I would always hear people say to me "why don't they put you guys together?" I thought they were just being nice.

If you are keeping track at home, I have lasted longer than the last 2 morning guys combined :) One of our old bosses said "you two would never beat the big guys."
We have done it more than once, thank you.

I always wanted to work with her and got my chance 6 years ago. I have now been a partner on a morning show, longer than I was solo. We appreciate the calls, the love and you being along for the ride. Thank you, LANSING!

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