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Recently listed on Zillow, a giant property is now for sale in Lawrence, MI. Describing it as a compound would, perhaps, be more accurate. At $3.5 million dollars, you might expect a giant, luxurious mansion to be the main attraction.

However, with this listing, you're paying for the size of the property along with everything that's included on the property. It's a bit chaotic, but let's go over what's included:

  • 67 acres in total
  • 3 barns
  • Wedding chapel
  • Outdoor pavilion/reception hall
  • Tennis courts
  • Pool and pond
  • Gazebo

They're selling the property as a "single-family residence" with the suggestion that it could be used as a venue for weddings, corporate events, and so on. Of course, you would have to check with the local laws to determine what kind of permits to obtain or if it would even be allowed.

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Located at 54886 Butcher Rd, the listing agent is Kelly Small at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services and can be contacted at 269-342-5600.

Oh, and, for some reason, there are a number of fake animals on the property. Call them sculptures or statues...they'll definitely catch your attention. I count five so far. See if you can spot more:

This $3.5 Million Property in Lawrence, MI is a Tad Chaotic

A newly listed compound in Lawrence, Michigan has it all! It includes a pool, a banquet hall, and statues of various animals for some reason...

As chaotic as it is, that property definitely has some potential. You know...if you have $3.5 Million along with additional funds to fix it up.

Speaking of chaos...who put this toilet directly next to the main bedroom in this house?

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