This week, MSU Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski cooked up some French Fries, per request of Joey Pants.






Chef Kurt's French Fries

2 pounds Russet potatoes

Soy or peanut oil



Peel potatoes and submerge in water.  The peels do have vitamins and flavor, but your fries won't get as crisp with the skin on them.

Cut the potatoes with a 'French fry cutter' or hand slice them about a half inch thick and place back in water to prevent oxidation and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes.

Dip the fries into oil heated to 325 degrees until a crust forms, but the fries are still blond - about four to minutes.

Shake the fries as they come out of the oil and allow them to cool on a baking rack in the refrigerator.

Increase oil temp to 375 degrees and finish frying until crispy and golden brown - about three to four minutes. Shake the fries as they are coming out of the oil and salt immediately.