MSU Corporate Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski knows your garden is overflowing and you don't want to waste anything. So pickle it! He called in Friday morning and gave us a great pickle liquid recipe. You can hear that conversation by clicking the play button below.

Chef Kurt’s Pickled Green Beans

2# green beans, picked and trimmed

2 c. white vinegar

2¼ c. water

1 T. sugar

4 cloves of garlic, sliced thinly

1 jalapeno, sliced

2 T. kosher salt

½ c. fresh dill, left in about 3” pieces

Boil about 2 qt. of water that has 2 tablespoons of salt in it. When it is boiling, put the beans in the water and cook for 30-45 seconds. Remove from the liquid and put the beans into some ice water to shock them and keep them from cooking.

In that same pan, simmer the water, vinegar, sugar and salt until the solids dissolve.

Remove from the stove and add the garlic, jalapenos, and dill. Pour the liquid over the beans and put into the refrigerator to cool down. After it is cooled down cover your container, and let the beans sit in the refrigerator for about 48 hours until you taste them.

Courtesy of Chef Kurt's Pantry




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