Michigan State University Executive Chef Kurt Kwiatkowski is back with tailgating recipes and he's kicking off the season with Pork Tacos - 'Al pastor', if you will (it means 'shepherd style in Spanish).

Pork Tacos/Al pastor (means ‘shepherd style in Spanish)

¾ c. pineapple juice

2 T. canola oil

¼ c. white vinegar

3 chipotles + 1 T. adobo sauce from the can

2 guajillo chilies (ground up dry in a spice grinder or soaked in water for 30 minutes then added to other ingredients and blended then)

3 cloves of garlic

1 t. oregano

1 t. cumin

1 T. tomato paste

¼ c. fresh cilantro

2 t. kosher salt


In a food processor or blender blend all ingredients into a marinade paste. You may need to add a little water to make sure it is not too thick.

Put marinade and meat in a gallon zip lock bag and refrigerate overnight.

You will need 3-4 pounds of country style ribs; marinate ribs for an hour or so and reserve a 1/4 cup of the marinade.Grill ribs on both sides for 5 minutes, put into a baking pan and cook in the oven for 60-90 minutes at 350 degrees.

Remove and let cool.

Dice up the meat and add to reserved marinade. Heat up the pork when you get to the tailgate and serve with grilled flour tortillas, queso fresco cheese, onions, chopped cilantro, small diced pineapple, diced tomato and enjoy!