As a Jackson native, this news has me extremely excited and pleasantly surprised.

Not surprised as in Jackson is a bad place to be but because it has come a long way with all kinds of fun things to do that makes someone like me who has been living in all the hustle and bustle of Grand Rapids for a few years excited.

MLive recently reported the Chicago Tribune named Jackson as one of their "Best of the Midwest: 10 places to go in 2020."

Of course, the bar and budding brewery scenes are part of the appeal, but absolute Jackson musts (in my book) like the antique stores downtown, Bright Walls, Cascades Falls and more just add to Jackson's charm!

The Chicago Tribune mentioned the rich history in Jackson, including Jackson's long-standing train depot.

With all of the awesome things to do in Jackson while still having such a strong sense of community, it is so awesome to see one of Lansing's neighboring cities and my home town honored like this in the Chicago Tribune.

The Tribune touches on plenty of Jackson highlights, but you all have been helping lead me around Lansing, so if you ever are looking for something fun to do in Jackson, let me be your guide!

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