Once upon a time, amidst the Polar Vortex that beset Michigan this past March, my cold fingers clicked the confirmation for a room near Lake Michigan for mid-August, with visions of sunshine dancing in my head, remembering that same place on the planet, just seven months prior, when the temperatures were in the mid-to upper 90s, with barely a breeze to be had, feet buried in the sand as we sat in the water just to cool off.

Monday, August 11th, as we made our way north towards Traverse City, the clouds grew darker.   The rain began just after we finished our lunch on the patio at Seven Monks (delicious beer, by the way).  The rain was fairly light, it was still in the 70s - no big deal.

We met up with our friends in Glen Arbor that afternoon, went out for dinner and apparently that night, we slept through to November, waking to 30mph winds and temps in the 50s.

But at least we managed to capture the Loch Ness Monster on video.