Don't you hate it when someone gets you a really thoughtful gift and you didn't get them anything? For Christmas this year, my awesome co-host Deb Hart got me this Big 10 Championship hat, the Cat desk pen and a Christmas Pickle. I saw the hat when I was doing some shopping and really wanted it. But, I have this rule not to spend any money on myself in December. So I was worried I would not get the hat for Christmas.
Before this year I had never heard of "The Christmas Pickle." It is a Christmas tradition of hiding an ornament shaped like a pickle in the Christmas tree.  Whomever finds the pickle first gets a reward or will have good fortune in the coming year.
Deb is very thoughtful friend. I am grateful to share the morning show slot with such a talented person.
See you next year! Have a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Deb's gifts to me