While looking for info about regulations for recreational the City of Lansing 'Business License' page and was surprised to see some of the things for which you need a license in the City, such as holding a 'Going out of Business' sale.

You also need a license to be an auctioneer, move a building (you should probably prove you know what you're doing in that instance) or peddle ice cream.

You will also need a license if you'd like to erect a sign, perform music on the street, or be a transient merchant (temporary selling and delivering goods within the city).

Obviously, the 'stock photo' for this story is from the stash of pics we're granted permission to use; I asked Joey if he remembered the Service Merchandise stores, and he said, "Oh yea, I begged my mom for the Omega Supreme Transformer from the Service Merchandise at Meridian Mall" in 1985; that vintage action figure is now worth around $400.00. Joey says his was destroyed by him long ago.


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