A few years back we had the interns come in and show me some of their favorite videos. Many were catchy and stuck in my head for a long time.

The fist one was made popular by Ellen DeGeneres. She told women on her show it wasn't racist to laugh at this video. They bought it and it has over 8 million hits. He looks mad about 51 seconds in. Love the breakdown.

The next one is a spoof of a commercial promoting an actual store. These guys have a bunch of spoof spots on the web. I think this is their best. Duran Martinez and I laughed very hard at the " and X panic people too" line. (He meant hispanic.)

"Who you finna try?" is a huge hit in our house. We saw this on Tosh.0 and always wonder what the powder was he hit her with. "Finna" means intending to do something.

This little Betty has over 150 million views. I bet 50 million are mine. I have never laughed so hard at a voice over dub. He just nails this dogs voice. I saw this on Facebook originally and still laugh every time I see it. "Ultimate Dog Tease"

You have heard this scream on the show before. I always thought it was manipulated but I don't care. 7 seconds and your rolling on the floor . Almost 10 million views.

Taylor Swift got the goat treatment.

So did Bon Jovi

I needed to know more about the goats in the Bon Jovi video. I found Bob Ed Goats Help and Mrs. Pants and I laughed about it all night. Especially 22 seconds in when the "Ed" goat starts yelling. She sounds like a pissed off wife.

"Jesus Take the Wheel" is another family favorite.

Do you have a go to video to get you laughing? Share it in the comments section.