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Last week in St. Johns, Emergency Responders were outside the former East Olive Elementary School, trying to talk one of their brothers out of ending his life. Clinton County Emergency Services Team Member Scott Berg shared this today on Facebook:

Today my heart is heavy. We will be saying goodbye to one of our Clinton County Emergency Services Team teammates. Ryan Martin tragically took his own life on Wednesday. He was an Army veteran who suffered from PTSD, TBI and depression. Ryan was a dedicated team member and had a find this past summer of a six year old autistic child.


The hardest part was our team was called out to assist in scene support and negotiations during a four hour attempt to talk him out of pulling the trigger. I was personally communicating with him via Facebook messenger just a few hundred yards from where he had parked his vehicle. He had reached out to me and I, along with the negotiators on the phone, worked feverishly to keep him with us. In the end his demons won the battle.


Tough situations are difficult to deal with as search and rescue professionals, but are compounded when they are one of your own. I would ask you to keep our Clinton County Emergency Services Team in your thoughts and prayers today. Also keep Ryan’s family lifted up as well. Not only was I Ryan’s Commander but was also his friend. We are doing well during this time of grief and unanswered questions, and appreciate the support from those whom I have already spoken to.


Keep your loved ones close and cherish the moments you share.


Scott and K-9 Keela
Clinton County Emergency Services Team


We can do better by our Veterans by providing the appropriate mental health services they need after they return home. How many more of these stories do we need to hear before we admit that the current treatments are not working?

And even if you're not a Veteran, please know that there is no shame in seeking mental health treatment. I've sought counseling in the past during difficult times in my life - like when my younger brother took his life in 1999. It nearly broke me, but counseling helped. Please don't be embarrassed to seek the help you need.

Online respects can be made to the Martin family here at the Keck Coleman Funeral home online obitutary.

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