Michigan sure loves Coke! Coke can make a good time even better. Coke is also used by Michiganders for numerous reasons around the house. Here are eleven practical uses for Coke in your Michigan home.

Some of the hidden secrets about Coke, the beverage, I learned about when I was growing up. I recently discovered some new uses for Coke thanks to the krazy coupon lady. The next time you're at the store grab a twelve pack of Coke and put it to good use around your home.

11 Uses For Coca Cola Around Your Michigan Home


Here are some things that you can use Coca Cola for around the house.

11. Be Done With Grubs & Snails in Your Garden

Grubs and snails love cola but they don't like the acidity. Boom, you're not killing them, you're kindly suggesting they find a new home.

10. Get Rid of Oil Stains in Your Garage and Driveway

Grab some cans of Coke. Pour the room teperature cola onto the stains in your garage and driveway. Let the cola do its magic overnight, blot with old towels in the morning before rinsing. Cola eats it up.

9. Tenderize Meat

Grab some sirloins and let them soak in cola for at least thirty minutes. The cola tenderizes the meat. I wouldn't do this with a rib eye, it's already tender.

8. Soothe a Wasp or Hornet Sting

Grab a rocks glass toss some ice in it, add some Jack or Jim and pour the cola in. Drink it and a little while later you will feel better. Seriously, wasps and hornets have alkaline venom, which should be treated with acidic remedies like white vinegar or Coke. This doesn't work for bees.

7. Get Those Burnt Pans Clean

I learned this one night at home. I was being goofy and poured a Coke into a bacon pan that I had used. I forgot about it overnight and the next morning when I poured it into the sink I was shocked at how clean it got. Pour it in or on your pans and let it get to work.

6. Clean Your Eyeware

"They" say this works and I'm willing to bet it does. You can give it a shot, I don't like sticky stuff and I feel that I wouldn't get these rinsed 1000000000000000%, thus driving me crazy.

5. Loosen Stuck Screws and Bolts

This Coke hack is awesome. Pour some Coke on that stubborn hardware and it will loosen up.

4. Penny Collectors Best Friend

If you collect pennies then grab some Coke. Soak your pennies in the cola, the acid will clean them up.

3. Coke & Mentos Rocket Ship

Grab a two liter of Coke and drop a stack of Mentos into the two liter. This is one of those "forgiveness" not "permission" types of tasks. Strap it on your back and fly free.

2. Get Rid of the Evidence

The blood and grease on your shirt can be lifted with Coke. Treat area or add to your wash cycle.

1. Clean the Toilet

My mom used to use Coke when the toilet got bad. Pour it around the bowl and let it sit. About an hour later you can scrub it clean, easily.

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